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Infinite Galaxy brings strategy fans new events and an all-new incidents system

Infinite Galaxy brings strategy fans new events and an all-new incidents system

It has been almost a full year since Infinite Galaxy made its debut on the app stores, taking thousands of strategy fans worldwide on an enchanting journey deep into the far reaches of the cosmos. And, with every update and event the game receives, it’s a journey that never ceases to deliver new surprises.

For those that haven’t yet tried it, Infinite Galaxy is a mid-core strategy game where players assume command of a band of freedom fighters engaged in a brutal conflict against an oppressive Empire. Ensuring that they’re victorious in their mission will require you to assemble an armada of battleships and support vehicles, as well as maintain and expand spaceports to house them, and gather allies to fight alongside you.

Whilst Infinite Galaxy’s management systems will keep you engaged in building up your forces, you can also look forward to deploying those forces in real-time strategy matches to occupy star systems and defeat opposing strongholds, allowing you to expand into new territories.

Although a lot of the action is largely automated, the deployment of your forces and formations they take will largely rest in your hands, giving you a front row seat throughout the each explosive battle

Throughout the year, Infinite Galaxy has kept its fans engaged thanks to regular updates which expand upon the scope and performance of key strategy features. Most recently, Infinite Lagrange has brought fresh updates with its Secret Signal, Archean Ghost Ship, and Purity Protocol events; and now, with its latest update, players can make use of an all-new Incidents system in which secret information can be traced and collected.

With over 1,200 Star Systems awaiting you, now is the perfect time to check out this fantastic strategy title. You can find it available to download for free from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

New players that join Infinite Galaxy from 23rd December onwards can also receive some additional support by redeeming the following code: "pocketgamer2112" via the Settings menu. Players that do so will receive some extra rewards to help get their space adventure started. The code will only be available for one month so don't delay.