Incantor attempts to bring magic to your smartphone with a Bluetooth wand

If it can find Kickstarter backing

Incantor attempts to bring magic to your smartphone with a Bluetooth wand
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Mobile developer MoveableCode is looking to change the way we game with Incantor, a fantasy title that brings magic to the real world.

Incantor plans to accomplishe this feat via a Bluetooth magic wand which players use to swish-and-flick their way through a library of incantations and spells.

Every little thing she does

The premise of Incantor is as profound as it is simple: magic is real, and you’re the one controlling it.

Part fantasy epic and part trading card game, Incantor will allow players to do battle with friends and quest through the real world to collect new spells and find virtual beasties to practice their dueling skills on.

To this end, MoveableCode is quick to point out that Incantor is not just a smartphone app with a silly magic wand.

It will represent a community of gamers in which players will be able to establish a unique identity, join (and form) groups, and hone their wand’s skills to make it unique from any other wand on the planet.

Magic writ large

Obviously the type of game that will appeal to anyone who has dreamed of receiving an acceptance letter to Hogwarts on their 11th (25th, 39th, or 48th) birthday, hopefully it will also appeal to fans of more serious MMORPG-style questing.

Yet, whether it will be made depends on you ... via Kickstarter.

While the $100,000 goal that Incantor set is still a long way off, Kickstarter campaign still has a little over three weeks to go.

Matthew Diener
Matthew Diener
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