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Idle Taxi Tycoon is a taxi management sim that's out now on iOS and Android

Idle Taxi Tycoon is a taxi management sim that's out now on iOS and Android

Kolibri Games has announced the official launch of Idle Taxi Tycoon for both iOS and Android devices, letting players dive into a quirky idle game on their quest to be the best taxi crew in town.

In Idle Taxi Tycoon, players will have to manage their network of taxi drivers, coordinate their taxi stations, hire the right people and get rich. They'll need to unleash their inner tacticians as they try to handle jobs from various passengers, as well as do their very best to ferry people to and from locations like the Hotel, Hospital, University, Airport and even the Prison.

This release is the culmination of several weeks of hard work and successful synergies between departments and we’re all immensely proud of the result. We’re committed to reinventing the idle genre, and Idle Taxi Tycoon is a testament to that," says Guillaume Verlinden, Managing Director of Kolibri Games. "Our new games teams have delivered a product that represents a true innovation in idle gaming, offering players additional customization features and more control over game characters. This release is one that we’re excited for our players to enjoy for years to come.”

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We’ve devoted a considerable amount of time to studying our previous releases, identifying areas where we can improve the overall gameplay and add exciting new features," says Dzmitry Yudo, Product Director for New Games. "Idle Taxi is full of first-of-its-kind innovative features such as the Route System, which allows players to unlock new parts of the city as they progress, as well as a strong focus on our character collection, something that drives the game both literally and figuratively. I’m very happy with how efficient and impactful the collaboration between teams in the department has been. The encouraging results stemming from the soft launch have made us confident of long-term success.”

Download Idle Taxi Tycoon on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices today.

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