Hit game emulator Retroarch has been submitted for App Store approval

Unfortunately, there've been no other updates, yet.

Hit game emulator Retroarch has been submitted for App Store approval
| RetroArch
  • RetroArch is up for approval to come to iOS
  • However, the developers have said they don't have an exact date for the app's launch
  • RetroArch is one of the most anticipated emulators to come to mobile

The hotly-anticipated game emulator RetroArch has been submitted for approval to the App Store, the developers commented on a recent Reddit post. However, there have since been no updates, but it's fair to assume that given the recent switch in tone towards emulators and their approval on iOS the popular emulator is well on its way.

RetroArch is a particularly popular open-source emulation project available both on mobile (via Google Play and hopefully soon for iOS) and comes bundled with a large number of built-in applications. Thanks to the changes to emulation Apple recently introduced, applications like this are finally cleared to begin making their way to mobile.

More emulation on iOS A screenshot of the RetroArch game emulator in action.

As we said, we're sceptical about just how long the change for emulation on iOS will be. Emulators have been in legally murky water because although the emulators themselves are, broadly speaking, legal (but don't quote us on that) the ROMs and actual game files they need to run mostly aren't.

That's why, if you check Apple's terms of service for emulators, you'll notice they say how every downloaded game has to be verified. So given that many game companies such as Sony, Microsoft and, of course, Nintendo have been cracking down hard on emulation we would expect trouble up ahead.

That said, many emulators have been relatively okay on Google Play and Android in general. So maybe this turnaround will last? But at the same time, given how reticent Apple has previously been to allow emulation, companies may see an opportunity to shoot down the practice on mobile before it also establishes itself on another platform.

But if you're not into emulation it's still incredibly easy to find amazing games on mobile. Check out our list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) to get you started with some amazing new releases!

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