Plug In Digital is hosting a publisher sale on iOS and Google Play

We've spotlighted the developer's work in the past

Plug In Digital is hosting a publisher sale on iOS and Google Play
  • Plug In Digital, the publisher behind bringing titles like Sigma Theory and Strange Horticulture to mobile is hosting a publisher sale
  • Games will be on discount in two waves from May 13th to the 27th

Publisher Plug-In Digital is set to hold their first publisher sale on the iOS App Store and Google Play. The publisher is behind bringing such titles as Strange Horticulture, Sigma Theory, A Normal Lost Phone and more to iOS. While they have a significant number of free-to-play games they also have more than a few premium titles that will see some stiff discounts.

The games will be discounted in waves of eight over two weeks for a total of 16 games on discount. You can check out the first wave now as the sale runs from the 13th through to the 27th of May.

Do sales work? A screenshot of Strange Horticulture, one of Plug In Digital's games.

Premium games have always had a tough time on mobile, this is the home of free-to-play after all. A big part of that might be the fact that sales remain relatively static, after all, many publishers have to slash the price of their games quite steeply compared to other platforms such as PC and console. So cutting even further can really eat into the money they make.

But we're glad to see that Plug In Digital is taking the plunge as the publisher brings some great games that would normally only be available on mobile into the palm of your hands. We've covered Strange Horticulture quite recently, so if you want our recommendation for a game to try, that mix of eldritch thriller and plant-based puzzler is a solid title to start with.

 And even if Plug In Digital's catalogue isn't your kind of thing, you can take a gander at our own list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) to see what else is hot on mobile! Or check out the most recent iteration of our ongoing feature covering the top five new mobile games you need to try each week!

Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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