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Idle Luca, Novacore's idle RPG is now available on Android and TestFlight on iOS

Idle Luca, Novacore's idle RPG is now available on Android and TestFlight on iOS
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Com2uS, the creators behind the popular Summoners War franchise, has just released a new idle RPG on mobile – Idle Luca, in partnership with their subsidiary Novacore. Players can expect to be sent on a heroic and unending quest to save the world as they gather multiple heroes with unique powers and abilities. Like with most of the upcoming mobile games, Idle Luca too embraces blockchain technology and will allow players to earn C2X tokens.

Idle Luca takes players on a magical journey as they venture through a mythical realm, crawling through dungeons and participating in difficult towers to become the most fearsome mercenary on the land. Players will be forced to use their wit to come up with unique strategies that will earn them loads of rewards as they complete daily quests and missions and partake in PvP battles. The game also employs deck building and has players make sets of characters featuring six different attributes including water, fire, wind, earth, light, and dark.

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Here's a look at some of the characters forming Idle Luca’s power-packed roster:

  • Ailee – The only daughter of a noble family and a lady of lightning, Ailee is an absolute genius who is a powerful mana user. She’s been learning how to deal with her powers from a high eld on an island in Teles.
  • Luin – A hero who guards both the light and dark. He will only interfere if the world is in a dire situation, else he enjoys speaking with his small animals.
  • Layla – A budding fire mage, she is studying in the magic school at Castrin, where she wishes to fulfil her dreams of becoming a powerful mercenary.
  • Volken – The leader of the Wolf Tribe, he has excellent stamina and charisma who has participated in various battles and won thanks to his proficiency in using two blades simultaneously.
  • Hoya – He looks like an innocent chef, but actually is a master of poison. His hunting skills are worth mentioning as well.
  • Lepis – She is the owner of Halidom and a scholar who has studied various subjects like ancient myths, history, etherics, and magic training.

Download Idle Luca now for free on Google Play or participate in the TestFlight version on iOS.

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