Idle Immortal is a tower defense game based on Chinese classical mythology, out now on Android

Idle Immortal is a tower defense game based on Chinese classical mythology, out now on Android
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Idle Immortal: Tower defense is a brand new game based on Chinese classical mythology and designed with a beautiful 3D Chinese cartoon aesthetic. It will have tower defense gameplay and 7v7 turn-based battles that will allow you to design your own strategy.

Idle Immortal: Tower defense will task you with becoming a legendary cultivator with the help of spirit pearls and magic pills. You can summon immortals, team up with your partners from the three worlds, and battle fearsome demons as you embark on this mysterious immortal journey.

Game features

Idle Immortal: Tower defense allows you to meet different heroes from Chinese classical myths, with the likes of Monkey King, Erlang, Nezha, and many other adorable heroes.

It will have beautiful scenery and exciting visual effects to show you the magnificent world of immortal cultivation. There will be hundreds of battles as well, where you can learn about the enemies in every stage, adjust your formation, and choose the best strategy.

The developers of Idle Immortal: Tower defense promise tons of content and rewards, with dungeons, Arena, Boss challenges, and many other exciting features available. You can also obtain equipment, vessels, and other treasures to pave the way to spiritual ascension.

You can also unlock various heroes by summoning or collecting fragments of heroes. Heroes can be strengthened as well through upgrades, evolution, cultivation, immortalization, Ascension, and many other methods.

Game download

Idle Immortal: Tower defense has been officially launched for Android, but there has been no information regarding a potential iOS release. It is currently available through Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with optional in-app purchases.

An APK version is also available, which can be used if you can't access it in your area. Though, it is best to wait for the game's official launch in your region.

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