Idle Arcade Tycoon's latest iOS update adds Managers & Armored Cars ahead of Android launch

Idle Arcade Tycoon's latest iOS update adds Managers & Armored Cars ahead of Android launch

Idle Arcade Tycoon developer Heath Close has revealed a detailed list of new content and bug fixes which will be coming soon to their tycoon game. In addition to this, they have confirmed exclusively to Pocket Gamer, as part of Pocket Gamer LaunchPad, that the idle game will be releasing on Android before the end of the year.

As it turns out, the next content update is heavily focused on management and money; with the update adding in manager hires who will collect funds and armored vehicles which will travel around town collecting your revenue and depositing it in the bank. It's clearly a core step toward developing a greater wealth system within the game - and it also adds a degree of routine to the experience, with the banking circuit now being a lot more visible.

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Here's the complete list of changes and fixes:


New Mechanic - Managers!
Added Manager character to walk around arcades and collect your profits from your arcade machine groups
Added Manager panel for hiring managers and upgrading their collection interval, collection speed, and collection amount.
Adjusted machine group UI elements to now show how much money is waiting for the Manager to collect.
New Mechanic - Armored Car!
Added Armored Car to drive around the city and collect the profits managers have prepared.
Added Armored Car now deposits location profits in the bank to add to your overall balance.
Added Armored Car panel for upgrading its collection Interval, collection speed, and collection amount.
Added the ability to purchase Skip Ads while playing the Claw Machine
Reduced amount of times UI hands nudge available boosts.
Changed settings button in city view to appear like the other buttons along the bottom.
Changed required offline time for offline earnings to 60 seconds.
Opening tycoon report panel now closes any other open panel.
Removed Claw Machine Button from Main Menu.
Claw machine now shows prize percent chance during play.
Prestige now affects Manager Collection Amount and Armored Car Collection Amount
Shop Item Restructure


Fixed a bug where the game would save itself on the main menu before entering the city scene, causing a crash from trying to load idle profits that didn’t exist.
Fixed a crash that can occur while calculating offline earnings.
Fixed a crash caused by pausing and resuming the game while in a location or while playing the claw machine
Fixed a crash that could occur in the city view if the 30 second 10x boost ends and tries to update a location panel’s PPS that was closed during the boost.
Fixed a crash that could occur when loading city 2 as city location panels try to update their balance.
Fixed missing button sounds on settings panel in the city view.
Fixed Claw Machine improved chances not adding up to 100%.
Fixed a shop bug that was causing purchased prestige to double itself when purchased.
Fixed a a bug where the prestige after a prestige reset was incorrectly higher than it should be."

In addition to the above, the developer confirmed that the update is due to go live around the 19th of November,and added that the process of getting the game onto the Google Play store had begun, with a hopeful release in early December.

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