Identity V's Halloween Ball event is now underway, with plenty of rewards available

Identity V's Halloween Ball event is now underway, with plenty of rewards available
| Identity V

NetEase Games' Identity V is celebrating the spooky season with an event called the Halloween Costume Ball this year, which will run from today until October 31st. It takes place in a snowy town, where people are wearing masks and dressed in fancy costumes, seemingly enjoying a party around a bonfire.

It all appears fairly quaint on the surface. But this is Identity V, something untoward is undoubtedly going on. Players will head to Snow Field to attend this suspicious party, where they will make a series of choices that will unravel different plots, with the ultimate goal of uncovering the truth behind this gathering.

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Throughout the event, players can earn lots of rewards. Simply by logging into the game, they will receive [Portrait] Hallows' Eve of Sacrifice, while completing the whole event will net them [Portrait] Midnight Phoenix or [Portrait] Peerless. There are also Fruits of Samhain to gather and exchange for A Costume of Dancer – The Moonblessed, B costume of The Feaster - Grand Oracle, Survivor - Servant of Samhain and other gestures.

On October 21st, the S Costume, Jake- Count's Banquet, the accessory Jake- Banquet Cup, a Costume of Seer- Experienced Huntsman, B Costume of Mad Eye- Castle Butler, and Bloody Queen’s accessory- The umbrella, will be added to the game once again.

Meanwhile, on October 28th, the Embalmer S costume package will be available for a limited time. It includes the S Costume Embalmer-Phoenix and the A accessory Embalmer – Midnight Messenger.

Identity V is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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