iPhone game iBalda battles Plus+ Network with Minus- brand

What does it equal?

iPhone game iBalda battles Plus+ Network with Minus- brand
| iBalda

Independent developer Valentin Tsimblyuk has released a half dozen games to the App Store, the latest of which carries a new label: Minus-.

iBalda, a Russian word game, proudly touts the Minus- logo in the upper-right corner of its App Store icon, as though jockeying with ngmoco's Plus+ Network for supremacy.

It's a cheeky marketing tactic - nothing more. iBalda doesn't come with any of the robust networking features found in Plus+; in fact, it doesn't possess any networking features of any kind.

Why the Minus- branding, then? It might be simple satire or perhaps an attempt to ride the coattails of Plus+ by pasting a logo that looks similar onto app logos.

Whatever the motivation behind Tsimblyuk's Minus- brand, we're giggling trying to figure out what this all adds up to.

Tracy Erickson
Tracy Erickson
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