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How to unlock every character in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Get every single character in the game, plus tips on how to use them

How to unlock every character in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is finally releasing and yes, we can confirm it has more characters in the game than you might be aware. Shocking for a Warriors title, I know.

In this guide we have listed absolutely every character in the game, how they play, what weapons/gameplay styles they use, and which mission you must complete to unlock them and play with them yourself.

Now, we should issue a spoiler warning. Some of these characters are special surprises that you might not be expecting, and the best way to unlock them is, arguably, unknowingly.

But if you're playing through the game and just want all the characters as soon as possible, this is the guide for you...

Name Weapons Gameplay Unlocked via
  • Sword
  • Two-handed
  • Spear
Link is the solid all-rounder with three different gameplay styles accessible through his array of weapons. Aim to unlock his full combo routes as soon as possible and you'll be clearing through enemies with relative ease.  Start of the game
  • Dagger
Impa is an excellent, speedy character that can absorb symbols in the middle of her combos to summon shadow clones, all of which deal the same damage she does. She can summon up to four clones, making her incredibly swift and deadly. Chapter 1
  • Sheikah Slate
  • Bow
Zelda starts off as an odd character, she doesn't have the traditional combo routes. Instead of mashing Y and finishing with X, tap Y a certain number of times, and then mash X. She will deliver interesting results. Later you unlock her Bow weapon, and she uses deadly light attacks. In this mode you can use your special gauge to rain down powerful arrows.  Chapter 1
  • Zora spear
Mipha is actually really interesting. Using her base combos, which are very powerful, she can summon whirlpools and water spouts - tap ZR to jump into these water spouts, and you can use aerial attacks, which pin point enemy weaknesses. Chaining together these combos results in a lot of damage.  Chapter 2, Mipha, the Zora Princess 
  • Goron sword
Daruk deals in strong, slow attacks. His combos can summon magma from the ground, and you can tap ZR to detonate it. He attacks while rolling around to run, but it doesn't do much damage at all. Chapter 2, Daruk, the Goron Hero 
  • Rito bow
Revali has two modes, one where he's grounded, and doesn't do much damage, and another where he hovers above the ground - you can get into this mode through a wall jump - and while he hovers, he can rain down arrows that take care of huge crowds with ease. Best when against dozens of mobs.  Chapter 2, Revali, the Rito Warrior 
  • Gerudo scimitar
Urbosa rains lightning down on her enemies, and yes, she's awesome. She can charge her lightning by holding ZR, and then unleash it in her combos to make them even longer. Works great against mobs, but not so much against stronger enemies.  Chapter 2, Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief 
  • Korok maracas
Hestu is an odd boy. He can summon extra Korok pals by holding ZR to make his combos more deadly, which is great, but in general he's large and doesn't do the most damage. If you don't dodge attacks perfectly, he's likely to get hit anyway.  Chapter 3, Freeing Korok Forest 
  • Zora spear
Sidon is interesting - his base combos aren't great, but he can enhance all of his strong attacks. When using a strong attack a circle will appear on screen, and tapping ZR when you see it results in Sidon unleashing a much strong final attack.  Chapter 5, Water and Fire 
  • Goron Rock Roast
Yunobo is all about punching his enemies. Like Daruk he's a bit slow and not quite as strong as you'd like. In fact, since his range is shorter than Daruk's he's less useful, too. Oh...  Chapter 5, Water and Fire 
  • Rito bow
Teba is a lot like Revali, but his base combos are a bit more deadly and interesting. Other than that, well, the Rito boys are a bit disappointing in this game, which is a shame because they look really cool...  Chapter 5, Air and Lightning 
  • Gerudo bridle
Riju is very cool. She uses lightning abilities like Urbosa, but rides around on her sand seal Patricia. She is borderline uncontrollable, as her combos see her spinning around riding behind Patricia, but she's very fast and very fun to use against large crowds. Chapter 5, Air and Lightning 
Master Kohga
  • Yiga scythe
Master Kohga is a bit of a trickster. His combos aren't the best in the game, but he has a very fun gimmick where he eats food mid-battle if you press a button prompt, and he will restore either health or special gauge when he chows down, allowing him to use more special attacks.  Chapter 6, Relentless as a Waterfall 
King Rhoam
  • Royal greatsword
King Rhoam has two modes, one is his King mode, and the other is his Hermit mode, which he can swap between with ZR. The Hermit mode is much faster, while King is stronger. At the end of combos you will be prompted to tap ZR to change guise, at which point Rhoam will change and unleash a very strong attack.  Chapter 7, All Hyrule United 
Great Faries
  • Wrist bangles
Great Faries are huge, and therefore can't dodge attacks so easily - but they also do massive damage and hit a lot of enemies at once. She can recover health with certain special moves, so take advantage of that. Complete all four Fairy Fountain challenges 
Monk Maz Koshia
  • Sheikah bracelet
Monk Maz Koshia has a lot of powerful weapons to dish out, in addition to shadow clones that unleash extra damage. His special ability is to gather energy and turn into a giant to unleash hell, and works similarly to Zelda's bow transformation.  Complete Challenge "Trial of the Ancients"
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