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How to redeem game codes and gift cards for the Nintendo Switch eshop in 2019

Use your codes and gift cards for Nintendo Switch with this guide

How to redeem game codes and gift cards for the Nintendo Switch eshop in 2019

Christmas has just flown by, and if you've gotten lucky, you'll find yourself in possession of some gift cards or game codes for Nintendo Switch. It really is a joyous time of year.

If you have a Nintendo Switch eshop game code or gift card, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know to redeem it.

Redeeming Nintendo Switch codes online

Unfortunately, as of right now there is no way to redeem your Nintendo Switch game codes and gift cards in a web browser. This means no easy copy-pasting things from an email, you'll have to type everything out on the Nintendo Switch itself.

This is, admittedly, a bit unusual. The Nintendo 3DS and Wii U both allowed users to redeem game codes and gift cards in a web browser, but it doesn't currently work for Nintendo Switch. We can only assume that Nintendo will be introducing the feature in the near future, though it is admittedly disappointing that it isn't in place already. Classic Nintendo, always one step behind with online functionality.

Nevertheless, redeeming codes on your Nintendo Switch console itself is a simple process…

Redeeming Nintendo Switch codes on your Nintendo Switch

This is a very simple process luckily, and won't require too much frustration. All you need is your code and an updated Nintendo Switch console which is connected to the internet. That should be obvious, and once that's out of the way, it's time to redeem the code.

  • Starting from the Nintendo Switch home screen, select the Nintendo Switch eshop icon at the bottom of the screen. This icon is an orange bag.
  • Once the Nintendo Switch eshop has loaded - and this may take some time depending on your connection - navigate to the bottom of the menu on the left, select "Redeem Code."
  • You can enter your 16-digit game code or gift card in the provided box.
  • Make sure to confirm, accept, and download any content you've earned!

That is currently the only way to redeem game codes and gift cards on Nintendo Switch right now, but should we discover new methods in the future we shall update this article.

If for whatever reason your code is not accepted, double-check that you inputted the code correctly and that you are using an account linked to the same region as the code.

If you have any questions about Nintendo Switch or anything else, please leave them in the comments below.

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Dave Aubrey
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