Back in my day, Christmas time wasn't when you received gift cards, it was when you received Game Boys - but having said that, I wouldn't say no to a gift card this year, not even for iTunes or the App Store.

If you've just opened up a fresh gift card or code for the App Store or iTunes, then you'll need to know how to redeem it. Luckily, we've got full instructions for redeeming gift cards and codes on iOS, Mac, Android, and PC, right here…

First, try clicking here…

If you click the link at the bottom here, your device should attempt to open the App Store or your iTunes app. This will take you straight to the code redemption, that is if it works properly.

If it doesn't work for you, follow our instructions below…

Redeeming on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Luckily the method for redeeming iTunes and App Store codes and gift cards on your iOS device is pretty darn straightforward, and you shouldn't struggle too much…

  • On your iOS device, open the App Store
  • On the Today tab, select your profile photo in the top right
  • From this menu, select Redeem Gift Card or Code
  • You will now have the option of using your device's camera to read the code, or inputting it manually.
  • Enter your 16-digit code, and then tap done.

Redeeming on Mac

Redeeming codes on Mac is a very similar endeavor to redeeming codes on iOS devices, which is nice and convenient.

  • Being by opening the App Store on your Mac device
  • Navigate to the Account screen by signing into your account and then selecting your name on the left side of the screen
  • On this menu, you should see the Redeem Gift Card option in the top right
  • Once again, you can choose to read the code using your device's camera, or input the 16-digit code manually
  • Once the code is entered, click done.

Redeeming on PC

It's only natural that Apple would make it easy to redeem codes on their own devices, but if you want to redeem your code on a PC, then it's going be a bit more complicated. Luckily not by too much, but you'll need to download and use iTunes…

  • Download iTunes and log-in to your Apple Account
  • Choose Account from the iTunes menu
  • Select Redeem
  • Enter your code and click done.

Redeeming on Android

On Android you can only redeem gift cards for Apple Music subscriptions, and only through the Apple Music app. This is how…

  • Download and log-in to the Apple Music app
  • From the menu, select Account
  • Select Redeem Gift Card or Code
  • Enter the 16-digit code, and click done.