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How to get featured on the Apple App Store

How to get featured on the Apple App Store

When it comes to bringing traffic to your mobile game, being featured on the app store will always bring you a boost. When it comes to Apple, they feature many different games - from Editor’s Choice to lists that are semi-tailored to the person looking at the story, to special featured days that focus App Store-wide on different themes, there are always games being promoted and featured to users.

This begs the question - How do I get featured by Apple?

There are two ways to get featured by Apple on the App Store - applying or being chosen. We are going to talk briefly about what is required and how to go about both of these options, so you know what to expect. Though, being chosen and applying doesn’t guarantee getting featured.

Applying to be featured on Apple

When it comes to applying to be featured on Apple you will need to fill out a large form. You can access the above URL when signed into your developer’s account. There are many optional boxes to type in, but you will want to include as much exciting information about your team, yourself and your game that you can to showcase how you’d stand out and possibly help Apple select your games in the future.

This form is in two sections, the first part being about your team of developers. In the past, we have seen features by Apple on developers of specific areas of the world, developers who all have a certain background, and those who have diverse teams. This part of the form should be all about you and your team, basically.

The next section of this form is all about your app. Now, there are a lot of different reasons to want to be featured, from having a new major update to a massive in-game event, or just trying your luck at getting featured as a base game. You’ll need to think about the angle you want to present your game from. If you are focusing on a big update, detail what makes the update special and why it would matter to the greater audience.

Having a special feature related to Apple helps

Apple wants to feature games that show off their technology, so if you use any special features or have a particular Apple-related special feature, it’s good to highlight them! You will also need to talk about your business model in this area of the form, so do think through the business side of things.

After you have typed away, you will find some feature-specific drop downs you need to fill out, followed by a link section. This section can support three links, from your website to your business model and plans for the game. You’ll want to choose your links wisely, as you will need to have key information easily seen in this section. Don’t expect anyone to click through a bunch of menus to find what they are looking for. It might be best to think of these links as supporting information for whatever you’ve written above. If you are talking about a major update, include a road map. If you are mentioning a massive in-game event, include an exciting trailer video to grab the attention of the person viewing it.

Once you have your form finished, you can submit it. You’ll then need to keep an eye on your email, looking to see if you get chosen for a feature.

How do I get featured by Apple

Getting the email from Apple

Even if you don’t ever apply to be on the app store, you could receive an email stating you were chosen for a feature. This email will come to the email associated with your app, so make sure it’s up to date!

This email normally gives you a deadline (sometimes 2 or 3 days) to submit assets and artwork that fit in with their guidance, depending on where they want to feature you. If they are thinking of a banner feature, you’ll need to provide a banner, whereas if they are picking you for a list, you’ll need the appropriate artwork for that. There are a lot of things to avoid in Apple’s guide to being featured including guns, weapon placement, size, angle, template, and more. These templates actually use Photoshop, so you might need to grab a trial if you don’t have it already.

The email you receive will specify exactly what art you need to create and submit via the App Store Connect tab, to be reviewed by the team. As far as I know, they don’t reject artwork that’s not done correctly by contacting you and waiting for new art, and instead, just don’t feature you - but you can also not be featured after submitting art due to internal things like the features being jumbled around or lists not getting pulled onto the homepage for the time being.

Hopefully, this article helps you understand how to get featured on the App Store, to help drive more traffic to your game and show your game to a greater audience.