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How to Beat Stage 17-30 in Cookie Run: Kingdom

How to Beat Stage 17-30 in Cookie Run: Kingdom

What do you do when one such enemy is the rich and ruthless ruler of a city made entirely out of gold? That's exactly what we will explore in this article, as we share some teams on how to beat Stage 17-30!

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If you're eager to learn how to defeat the Ruler of the Golden City and pass stage 17-30 in Cookie Run: Kingdom, then you're in the right place. In this guide, you will learn how to assemble a proper team to survive and then continue your journey.

Getting past the Ruler of the Golden City (a.k.a. Golden Cheese Cookie) is quite a feat, especially if you're relatively new and don't have all of the best Cookies upgraded. However, it's not all without hope. If you have just a few Cookies maxed out, or even above 1 star, you might be able to pull it off.

The boss for this stage is fairly strong, and while the power recommendation for the Story Mode is 867600, that's still fairly high for a new player. Even if you happen to have more than that, sometimes you may fail.


The Best Teams & Cookies for beating the Ruler of the Golden City

There are a few strategies to beat this stage. I will share a few methods below that will hopefully help you pass this stage, so if you have any of these Cookies, make sure to use them. 

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Team Setup 1: Snapdragon Cookie, Parfait Cookie, Golden Cheese Cookie, Black Pearl Cookie, Burnt Cheese Cookie


This team works well if you have a well-upgraded Burnt Cheese to tank, as well as the damage dealers (Golden Cheese Cookie and Black Pearl Cookie) since they need to survive long enough for Parfait to cast her skill, and Snapdragon to heal them back up.

If you don't have Snapdragon Cookie, you can replace it with Peppermint Cookie or any other decent healer.

Toppings and Beascuit setup:

  • Snapdragon Cookie: Cooldown + Amplify
  • Parfait Cookie: Cooldown + DMG Reduction
  • Golden Cheese Cookie: ATK + Cooldown or ATK Speed + Cooldown + ATK (multiple combinations can work depending on your Beascuits)
  • Black Pearl Cookie: ATK + Cooldown + DMG Reduction
  • Burnt Cheese Cookie: DMG Reduction + DEF/HP

Team Setup 2: Pure Vanilla Cookie/Snapdragon Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Golden Cheese Cookie, Moonlight Cookie, Pitaya Dragon Cookie


Pure Vanilla Cookie is a great healer if you have him at max level, and at least 2 stars. He can keep your carries (and himself) alive for quite a while, so if he's the best healer you have, by all means, use him.

The damage dealers can vary depending on what you have, but the bottom line is you need to have one good Healer and one Support, two damage dealers, and one Cookie to tank. The tank could be either a Charge or Defense Cookie,

Toppings and Beascuit setup:

  • Pitaya Dragon Cookie: ATK + Cooldown + DMG Reduction
  • Moonlight Cookie: ATK + Cooldown (+ DMG Reduction if needed)
  • Golden Cheese Cookie: ATK + Cooldown or ATK Speed + Cooldown + ATK
  • Cotton Cookie: DMG Reduction + Cooldown
  • Pure Vanilla Cookie: DMG Reduction + Cooldown (Amplify can work too, to an extent)

Team Setup 3: Snapdragon Cookie, Golden Cheese Cookie, Mozzarella Cookie, Fettucine Cookie, Pitaya Dragon Cookie/Burnt Cheese Cookie


Burnt Cheese Cookie could easily replace Pitaya Dragon Cookie if you have him and he's stronger than your Pitaya. The idea with this team is to have a solid front line, and you have that in Fettucine Cookie alone. She can usually hold her own, but having an additional charge Cookie helps tremendously.

Toppings and Beascuit setup:

  • Pitaya Dragon Cookie: ATK + DMG Resist + Cooldown
  • Fettucine Cookie: DMG Resist + HP/DEF
  • Mozzarella Cookie: ATK + Cooldown + DMG Resist
  • Golden Cheese Cookie: Cooldown + ATK
  • Snapdragon Cookie: Cooldown + Amplify

The best Treasures for Stage 17-30

In Treasures, you want to have the following two in a best-case scenario:

  • Sleepyhead's Jelly Watch
  • Old Pilgrim's Scroll

As for the third Treasure, depending on what your team lacks, you can either have the Explorer's Monocle (if you lack DEF), Librarian's Enchanted Robes (especially if you're using Creme Brulee Cookie), or even Sugar Swan's Shining Feather (if one of your Cookies keeps dying, and you can't seem to 3* the stage otherwise).

In short, you want to have as much Cooldown and ATK as possible. If you've not maxed out your Treasures just yet, simply use the best one that grants Cooldown (even if it's the Squishy Jelly Watch), then try to optimise based on your team's needs.


Having the right Cookies and equipping them with the right Toppings under the circumstances (even if they're just for this stage) can quite literally help you clear the CRK Stage 17-30 in a single try. But since I know that might not be the case always, you should try it out multiple times. Pay attention to what your team needs, and try to either adjust their Toppings or Beascuits, or swap the Treasures around until you find one setup that works for you.

Don't forget to redeem the latest Cookie Run: Kingdom codes, and stay tuned, because in the future we will also add a video guide for those who want a more in-depth explanation!

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