Horizon Chase 2 takes players through Akihabara and more in the Japan World Tour expansion

Horizon Chase 2 takes players through Akihabara and more in the Japan World Tour expansion

Fans of the popular racing game Horizon Chase 2 can now race across the Land of the Rising Sun in the Japan World Tour expansion, letting Apple Arcade subscribers cruise through scenic spots and even unlock a new car along the way. The latest update adds everything from traditional dojos to larger-than-life mechs in the background to immerse players in the culture of Japan in an entirely new way.

In the latest update to Horizon Chase 2, players can look forward to 11 new races and a new car, Dream. This can be unlocked after clearing all Japan races, and boasts 3 bodies and 6 paints for customisations.

"Japan's first track was designed to represent the country's tradition, combining temple architecture with a striking setting, featuring Mount Fuji. Our intention is to present a contemplative and highly stylized environment, making use of a vibrant palette and a striking sunset, carefully positioned to enhance the horizons of the region," comments Rodrigo Bellão, Art Director, about Arakurayama Sengen Park.

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On the other hand, the Akihabara scene features "a strong aesthetic connection between Japanese cities and the 90s arcade racing games. To respect this legacy, we put a lot of love and care in the stylization of Akihabara. It is our tribute to the symbols of eastern pop culture, which inspire our team. Our intention was to represent a vibrant night, remarking the neon lights aesthetics, giant robots and monsters," Bellão continues.

If you're keen on experiencing the latest update for yourself, you can download Horizon Chase 2 on the iOS App Store as part of Apple Arcade. You can also visit the official website for more info.

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