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Horizon Chase 2 is out now on Apple Arcade

Horizon Chase 2 is out now on Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade seems to have a packed lineup for September. Six games are set to release this month, and the second on the list is now live on the subscription service. Aquiris Game Studio’s popular Horizon Chase series is releasing a sequel to the beloved racing game on Apple Arcade. It builds on all the awesomeness of the first game and makes it even better with an online multiplayer option available across all game modes for the first time.

Let’s start by talking about the newest feature – multiplayer for everything. Players can bring all their buddies to every race. Either create a crew of racers to make simultaneous progress or go solo and take on others in head-to-head matches. Players will always have something to do together as they go on an endless journey of arcade racing.

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Horizon Chase 2 is set to feature some brilliant cars as well. There are so many rides and they can be tinkered with the way you want. The game features a vast amount of customization, allowing players to tune a range of things like parts of the car, other cosmetic items, and upgrades to all the stats. Winning races will grant additional visual rewards to make the sweetest-looking ride ever.

Speaking about creating these vehicles, Cristina Arikawa, the game’s Art Producer, said: "Creating the design of our cars was one of the most important parts of the production. Many things inspired us in this process, like the automotive design industry or the country that the car represents. And we also worked with amazing designers who did a great job helping us develop these cars that are the main characters of our franchise."

With 55 tracks in five different cities, players are set to be completely immersed in this arcade racing adventure. You can begin playing by subscribing to Apple Arcade for $4.99 a month.

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