Hoppia Tale is a cute, Zelda-inspired adventure for iOS and Android

Colourful, kid-friendly adventuring

Hoppia Tale is a cute, Zelda-inspired adventure for iOS and Android
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After a brief period in early access, Ludic Side Game Studio’s Hoppia Tale is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a cute, Zelda-inspired adventure game, where you’ll go on a lengthy quest through a lighthearted and colourful world to save the citizens of Hoppia from the oncoming forces of evil.

A recent scientific discovery has caused chaos in the once-harmonious land of Hoppia. Portals which seem to have been left behind by a much older society are now functioning, and those aforementioned evil forces are rushing to replicate the tech. Now, you have no option but to use the portals to travel between worlds and ultimately save the day.

Developer Ludic Side has drawn plenty of inspiration from the likes of Zelda and Bomberman. The single-handed controls are said to be simple and accessible while still allowing for enough challenge to keep things interesting. 

At launch, there are set to be 39 stages to work your way through, with 38 advanced levels to tackle once you’re ready. It sounds like there are a lot of customisation elements, too, with the biggest choice being which animal you'd like to play as. You have the option to choose between a cat, a rabbit, a pug, a lion, and a dog.

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You can also unlock different accessories and clothing items to make your animal avatar unique to you, and each player will have their own house to personalise. Interestingly, you'll have the option to build your own levels and share them with others online. And speaking of the online component, there’s also a Time Attack mode which lets you challenge your friends from around the globe.

I like the simple, colourful look of the game, and it certainly sounds like it’s launched with a lot of things to see and do. If you're interested, you’ll find Hoppia Tale available for download now over on both the App Store and Google Play.

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