Honkai: Star Rail announces version 1.4 with new playable areas, missions, and characters

Honkai: Star Rail announces version 1.4 with new playable areas, missions, and characters

Hoyoverse has just announced the latest version of the popular JRPG Honkai Star Rail, which is set to release in a couple of weeks. Titled Jole Awake From a Winter Dream, the upcoming patch brings several new areas such as the Old Weapons Testing Ground and the Pillars of Creation alongside new game modes like Aetherium Wars and the Planar Infinity event. And of course, the update would be incomplete without new characters joining the squad.

Honkai Star Rail’s version 1.4 sees the opening of the Old Weapons Testing Grond and Pillars of Creation in Jarilo-VI for the first time after the successful annihilation of Phantylia. These areas will play a crucial role in the upcoming storyline. Topaz will be heading to the region in order to deal with some intergalactic business as the Astral Express Crew begins pressing down on the issue between the frozen plant and the IPC.

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The update also introduces the Aetherium Wars, a video game that is recognized all over the universe. Players must use digital replicas of creatures and spirits and train them to be worthy fighters. Aether Spirits from various Victory Zones must be gathered and nurtured if players wish to compete in the Tournament on Jarilo-VI.

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A total of three fighters will join the game in v1.4 Jingliu, Topaz & Numby, and Guinaifen. Jingliu is an Ice-type character following the Path of Destruction. She has two states, a normal one and a red-eyed Spectral Transmigration form that makes Jingliu a sword master who will slash through anyone in her path.

Topaz, the IPC agent also joins the squad with Numby, her trusty sidekick. The duo travel the cosmos together, solving issues for the Strategic Investment of the Interastral Peace Corporation. They are Fire-type characters on the Path of the Hunt. Finally, Guinaifen joins Star Rail as another Fire-type following the Path of Nihility.

Version 1.4 releases on October 11th. Download Honkai Star Rail now for free.

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