Honkai Star Rail launches the highly anticipated new character Jing Yuan on their latest banner

Honkai Star Rail launches the highly anticipated new character Jing Yuan on their latest banner
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The super successful and recently launched turn-based gacha RPG Honkai Star Rail has finally launched the highly anticipated new character Jing Yuan. This new addition to the growing roster within Star Rail features a gorgeous design along with the Erudition Path and a kit of massively damaging abilities too.

Honkai Star Rail was and has continued to be a massive success since launching less than a month ago. Given it shares developers with Genshin Impact, it’s easy to see why so many players flocked to it upon launching and never left. Add in the excellent story, a wide variety of different characters to use within your teams in the turn-based combat sections, and a super cool world to explore, and it’s easy to see how this one blew up as it did.

And since the teaser for the newest character was revealed alongside meeting him in-game later on in the story, lots of players were hankering to get their hands on him. Jing Yuan’s design had a lot of people excited, as he just simply looks cool, but many beta players got to experience his kit and also determined he was an invaluable addition to any team.

Now at long last, players can indeed roll for him on the current gacha banner. He comes equipped as an Erudition Path character, which means he focuses on large AoE attacks, and is also a Lightning-Type character which are few and far between currently. Add in the amount of Crit Rate increase built into his kit, and he can do some huge damage to numerous enemies at once with ease.

All of his abilities focus on buffing up his passive, Lightning Lord, which summons a massive deity who does a large amount of damage to enemies throughout the battle. So the general idea is to spam his abilities to keep Lightning Lord nice and huge, and then use him to do big damage all at once.

If you’re looking to get your hands on Jing Yuan right now, you can download Honkai Star Rail for free at either of the links below!

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