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Honkai: Star Rail best f2p teams

Honkai: Star Rail best f2p teams

You can still compose a compact team, even if you are not a big spender. Here are the best free-to-play teams in Honkai: Star Rail.

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Trailblazing the universe can be very difficult at times. Especially if you don't want to spend any real money on the game, things can get a lot harder. But we are here to make things easier for you. We've decided to put together the best free-to-play teams (F2P) in Honkai: Star Rail to help out every player on the Astral Express. Below, you can find out everything that you need to know about the characters, their relics, talents, and much more. Keep reading!

About Honkai: Star Rail Best F2P Teams

Before we get into the best f2p teams in Honkai: Star Rail, let's talk a little bit about how we came up with the teams that you can find below and on the next pages. First things first - we've gathered a lot of data playing since the game's official release, but also played a lot during the closed beta. Of course, we took into consideration the community's opinion, including content creators, fellow players and so on.

So, with all that out of the way, let's get right into the best f2p teams in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail - Trailblazer Path of Preservation

Usually, the default characters in games like Honkai: Star Rail are not that good, and it kind of makes sense - otherwise, why bother investing in banners trying to pull premium characters? Well, Trailblazer (the main character of the game) can actually be a borderline S-tier frontline if you opt to build them like that and follow the path of Preservation. On the other hand, if you want Trailblazer to be your team's main damage (DPS) unit (which means sticking with Path of Destruction), they are not that great.

But with that said, let's take a look at the best builds and teams for Trailblazer in Honkai: Star Rail.  

Path of Preservation - Trailblazer

Following the path of Preservation makes Trailblazer a very solid tank character. Of course, they still need a little bit of support from other units, but this path makes Trailblazer viable. But more about the support units later. Let's talk about the relics and the stats that you should prioritize first. The "Knight of Purity" set is the way to go since we value defence for this build more than anything. A 2-piece "Belobog of the Architects" is the obvious choice. 

As for the stats you should be looking for:

  • DEF%
  • DEF (flat)
  • SPD
  • Eff RES
When it comes to Light Cones, there are three choices:
  • Amber is a good 3-star Light Cone that you use in the very early stages of the game until you get your hands on something better.
  • Day One of My New Life is the best option for F2P players and it's overall a very solid defensive cone for a Path of Preservation Trailblazer. 
  • Texture of Memories is the top Light Cone, but you either need to be very lucky with the banners or invest currency to get it.

Before we talk about the team, it's worth mentioning that when it comes to abilities/talents, you should prioritize putting points in the Ultimate skill, followed by talent, then normal attack and, lastly, skill. Pretty straightforward.  

As for the team composition, we will cover two options. One is with only free units. The second option includes what are considered to be the best units to support a fire Trailblazer. 

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Best Free Characters Team in Honkai: Star Rail

Best f2p team in Honkai Star Rail
Only free units
Character Combat Type Role
Trailblazer Fire Tank
Natasha Physical Heal
Asta Fire Support
Dan Heng Wind DPS

This is a fun team to play with. Dan Heng is the main carry of this team comp as the buffs he gets from Asta and Trailblazer can trigger his passive which grants him WIND PEN. You should prioritize SPD and CRIT Rate on his relics. Of course, you want the "Eagle of Twilight Line" full set which grants Wind DMG boost.

Natasha's role is to keep everyone alive and she's good at it. For her relics, you should equip "Passerby of Wandering Cloud" full set which grants outgoing healing increment and "Sprightly Vonwacq" x2 set. Asta is a great support character who's a staple in various parties. She can increase her allies' damage and speed, abilities that make are super helpful during battle. Her best relics sets are "Thief of Shooting Meteor" x4 and "Kingdom of Banditry" x2.

Best Team for Trailblazer (Path of Preservation)

Best overall team for Trailblazer
Best Units (Banners)
Character Combat Type Role
Trailblazer Fire Tank
Pella Physical Heal
Tingyun Fire Support
Arlan Wind DPS

If you happen to get lucky with the RNG from the banners and you acquire the above characters, that means you just got the best possible party for a Trailblazer (Path of Preservation). Pella is one of the best supports as she can lower the enemy's defence but also deal a decent amount of damage. Her active skill hits all enemies, lowers their defence, and has a chance to freeze them. Arlan is the main damage carry as he gets stronger the longer a battle goes on. Tingyun is simply an SS-tier support who can buff her allies in various ways.

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