Honkai Impact 3rd introduces two characters and plenty of new content with version 5.7

Honkai Impact 3rd introduces two characters and plenty of new content with version 5.7

MiHoYo has announced the latest patch to the mega-popular 3D action game Honkai Impact, called Song of Perdition. This patch will introduce two characters alongside some new events, storylines to follow, outfits, and in-game bonuses. For more bonuses, you're free to visit the Honkai Impact codes.

For those of you who are unaware, Honkai Impact 3rd is a heavily anime-inspired action game that was sort of the precursor to the now legendary Genshin Impact. In it, a team of characters called Valkyries fight off a world-ending force called Honkai in a war of survival and a fight for everything beautiful in the world. While not quite as big as Genshin, it has certainly made a name for itself, even earning a Steam port and consistently topping charts alongside its big brother.

As for the update, the highlight is of course the two new characters. Aponia made her debut some time ago in the story and is finally available to acquire and add to your party to play as. She can inflict multiple rounds of lightning strikes on enemies during battle and unleash her ultimate ability Inhibitor’s Adjudication to fly above the battlefield and bombard foes with holy light.

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Golden Diva: Eva, the other of the two, is new to the world of Honkai Impact. She is a ranged type battler, also dealing lightning damage by playing her weapon of choice; a beautifully crafted harp. Her ultimate sees her coursing lightning energy through the instrument and using it to blow away her foes. If you're interested how these new characters will fare, take a look at the tier list for Honkai Impact.

The storyline of this patch will focus on Elysia and The Thirteen Flame-Chasers, alongside a new Open World of Elysium Everlasting in the new story chapter. This comes along with a new themed event; Shattered Dimensions. If you defeat the event's boss, you can earn massive rewards including character upgrade materials and a new outfit for Bright Knight: Excelsis.

This update will be released for all versions of Honkai Impact 3rd on May 19th. For more information about all of the additional content and changes, you can visit the official website, and for more news about Honkai Impact 3rd, you can hit up their official Twitter handle!

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