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History of the World: Part II - What to expect from the online gaming experience

History of the World: Part II - What to expect from the online gaming experience

What really happened to Amelia Earhart, and was Noah's Ark in fact an actual ark that held two of each animal for safekeeping? Mel Brooks’ beloved cult classic History of the World, Part I not only made fans rethink the history they've been taught from textbooks, but it also gave birth to its own comedic following that defined its portion of comedic cinema for more than 40 years. Now, with History of the World, Part II, viewers can enjoy that same unapologetic humour on Hulu - and this time, there's a whole new gaming experience to dive into as well.

History of the World, Part II gaming experience

With its recent debut on March 6th, the sequel's online gaming experience offers an immersive new way for fans to live the cult 80s movie's flavour in History of the World, Part II. It's now available for players to sink their teeth into on Xbox and online, alongside the March 6th release of the eight-episode series on the streaming service, Hulu.

A star-studded cast in an interactive format

The interactive game will not only offer an accessible way for fans to enjoy the sequel in a different format, but it will also delve deeper into the many quirks of the show's characters. This includes on-screen faves such as Ike Barinholtz, Nick Kroll and Wanda Sykes - even Mel Brooks himself is making an appearance.

Players will start with the Stoner Age, move on to Noah's Dog pArk (which, as the game says, is only accessible to adorable doggos), and eventually move on to a Big Boss Battle that's laid out in retro pixel art.

That Mel Brooks signature humour

History of the World, Part II's website game promises that same crassness and absurdity that fans of the franchise have come to know and love. It will take players through each part of the world's "history" and how mankind came to be, all beginning from "The Big Burp". Players will then be able to engage themselves into these historical recreations in a more involved manner.

If you're keen on giving the gaming experience a go, you can now check it out for free on Xbox until March 31st, while desktop and mobile gamers can get their hands on it until July 6th. Be sure to tune into the so-called "shameless promotion" of the game as well, as the developers are keen to hold special Xbox giveaways and other surprise goodies in the next few days!