High Sea Saga DX hits iOS with new offline features and more to boot(y)

High Sea Saga DX hits iOS with new offline features and more to boot(y)
  • High Sea Saga DX is the premium version of the original High Sea Saga
  • This pirate-themed JRPG has received rave reviews
  • The DX version features new offline features and no in-app purchases

High Sea Saga DX, the new deluxe version of High Sea Saga, has dropped on iOS and Android. With this coming courtesy of developers Kairosoft, well-known for their continuing string of high-quality JRPG titles, it seems the original High Sea Saga was so well received that a standalone, upgraded, one-time purchase version was warranted.

And why not? After all, this game - where you adventure on the high seas in comfortingly familiar top-down, pixellated RPG fashion - was hotly anticipated by us and others when it was first released in 2016. So seeing it get a revamp is equally great.

Adventures on the Sea of Conq- whoops, wrong game

While High Sea Saga is no Darkest Dungeon or Final Fantasy, it has a comfortingly familiar, approachable quality that seems to be missing in many RPGs today - a throwback to a time when retro-styled JRPG games weren't afraid to be a little bit cutesy and very colourful. For those who were put off by in-app purchases or other aspects in the first release, High Sea Saga DX may prove to be their definitive version.

High Sea Saga also lets you take your game offline, which, for something like an RPG where depth and long-term play are preferred, seems like a strange oversight. But now, you can enjoy the vast quantity of gameplay any way you want, including the pet collection and town management aspects that were unusual upon first release but are not pretty much a given in many indie RPG titles.

And if High Sea Saga doesn't seem like your cup of tea (grog...?), then why not check out our lists of some other games? Recently released premium platformer Shovel Pirate offers another fun, cutesy and rock-solid take on a classic formula. Meanwhile, Please, Touch the Artwork 2 is a breathtaking new game that wants to make you a fine art connoisseur by introducing you to the works of famous Flemish painter James Ensor via the medium of challenging point-and-click puzzle gameplay.

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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