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All of the Hero Wars events in 2022

All of the Hero Wars events in 2022

In any video game, special events are not only an excellent opportunity to get resources but a perfect opportunity to spend time enjoying it as well. So, not only is it necessary to participate in events, it helps make whichever game more enjoyable. In this guide, you will learn about all of the Hero Wars events in 2022


The Hero Wars developers are very active in adding special events. Of course, some of the events are similar to others, but there are a lot of unique events too, which is cool.

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Moreover, in the game, you can enjoy special events regularly. There are a lot of events that are constantly in the game. The developers make events not only dedicated to some holidays but add them without any clear reason as well.

One more thing you need to know is that the number of events the developers add is increasing. For example, in 2019, there were only 10. In 2022, the number of events was 25.

And if you are interested in the complete list of events, check the list below. So far, the developers have added the following:

  • A New Bounty
  • Ascension to Asgar
  • Blackbeard's Legacy
  • Chronicles of Dominion
  • Death Is Just The Beginning
  • Demon Doll Invasion
  • Dominion Day
  • Dragon's Claw
  • Elemental Synergy
  • Emerald x4 Sale, Eureka!
  • Foundations of Power
  • Free Flight
  • Happy Birthday
  • Dominion!
  • Heroes of the Day
  • Holiday Hustle
  • It's time to move it!
  • Legacy of the Great Ones
  • Lessons on Love
  • Lilith's Obsession
  • Lore Festival (7 days)
  • Mimicry
  • Mother of Scorpions
  • Ode to Beauty
  • Otherworldly Call
  • Rainy Season
  • Revelation of the Space Guardian
  • Riotous Growth
  • Scorching Days
  • Shaman's Calling
  • Sinister Plot
  • Snake Charmer
  • Spring Leprecats
  • Spring Rebirth!
  • Stellar Radiance
  • Summer Festival
  • Terror of Warlocks
  • The Dark Mage
  • The Great Storm
  • The Mystery of Golden Sands
  • The Negator of All Creation Returns
  • The Path of Mercy
  • The Price of Knowledge
  • The Righteous Light
  • Time of the Fearless
  • Time to Love
  • Trial of the Heavens
  • Unbroken Spirit
  • Winds from the East
  • Winter Tale
  • Wrath of the Earth

Honestly, all events are different. For example, some only last for a day, such as The Path of Mercy or The Price of Knowledge. In these events, you won't earn a specific reward. However, they are perfect if you have nothing to do.

At the same time, some events last even more than a month. By participating in these events, you might get a ton of resources. However, to progress in these events, you must spend a lot of time in the game, which is a disadvantage for some people.

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It is pretty tricky to decide what the best event in 2022 is or will be. All events are unique. Therefore, what event is the best depends on what you prefer.

However, one of my primary candidates is the Lore Festival. The event lasted for 7 days, but you could earn a significant amount of resources. Moreover, the missions during this event were easy. So, you didn't have to spend too much time in Hero Wars to benefit.

In conclusion, there have been over 30 events in Hero Wars in 2022. With that many, there's bound to be one that appeals to you. Undoubtedly, in 2023 this number will only increase, which is brilliant.