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Where to find all the Gudetama in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Where to find all the Gudetama in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

In Hello Kitty Island Adventure, one of the first little tasks you are given is to take photos of the 96 Gudetama on the island. These lazy eggs are hidden everywhere, and taking pictures of them will then add to the overall counter, allowing you to redeem prizes at the sign. It seems like this is Pochacco's contribution to fun things to do on the island, though it's not clear if he actually set this up. 

Gudetama location

With so many Gudetama to find on the island, we are aiming to list them all! This article is a live product, so we will be adding more Gudetama sightings when we find them. So, feel free to comment below with any we haven't discovered yet so we can add them to the list. 

  • On the dock at Seaside Resort, next to the house, in a bowl.
  • Outside Hello Kitty's shop, in her Coffee Sign.
  • On the steps of the building behind Pochacco in Seaside Resort.
  • On the beach towel, on the seaside resort, to the right of the building previously mentioned.
  • In the waterfall, in the pond directly up the hill from the Seaside Resort Mail Box.
  • Hopscotch Islands to the left of the plaza.
  • Hopscotch Islands in front of the water drop temple on the rocks in the water.
  • On the small island, behind the Hopscotch Island Mail Box.
  • In the Gemstone mountain area, in a pile of rocks to the left of a small stone path.
  • In the Gemstone Mountain area, along the wooden path, to the left of the island, past the pier.
  • In the spooky Swamp, in the Grave Yard area.
  • Next to the Haunted Mansion, by the tree.
  • To the left of Spooky Swamp, towards the Rainbow Reef docks on the side of the mountain.
  • On the rock, along the three little islands, in Seaside Resort
  • By the trees, to the left of the big door on Hopscotch Islands
Gudetama on the Gemstone Mountain

What are the prizes for taking pictures of Gudetama

  • The first prize is The Great Gudetama #9 Comic Book for taking six pictures of Gudetama
  • The second prize is The Great Gudetama #8 Comic Book for taking 12 pictures of Gudetama
  • We are currently working through the next 24 pictures of Gudetama needed to get the third prize!

We have also covered how to swim in Island Adventure, in case you're having trouble with that!

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