Pocket God and Harbor Master to join forces on the iPhone

Pocket God of the sea

Pocket God and Harbor Master to join forces on the iPhone
| Harbor Master

Flight Control clone Harbor Master is rapidly forging a strong identity for itself on the iPhone, and appears to be adopting something of an episodic approach to updates.

Currently we're on episode three, Smuggler's Reef, which allows the ships to carry more than one colour of cargo. But it's the next episode that's especially intriguing.

Ep four promises a special guest appearance from Bolt Creative's creation, Pocket God. There aren't many details on exactly how the Polynesia-based omnipotence simulator will make a guest appearance, but this cross-company promotion idea is an intriguing one.

Indeed, Pocket God has already dabbled in this arena with its latest update taking a left out of Doodle Jump's book, so it'll be interesting to see where the wee worshippers will crop up next.

Harbor Master is being promised a new episode every two weeks, so make sure you keep checking for updates - and if you've got an idea for an episode yourself, Imangi Studios is open to suggestions, so hit the 'Buy It!' button to go and deliver your ideas to the right port.
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