Bluetooth multiplayer for iPhone line-drawing game Harbor Master

Head to head in the harbour

Bluetooth multiplayer for iPhone line-drawing game Harbor Master
| Harbor Master

the line-drawing genre is bulging at the seams on iPhone these days, but Imangi Studios's Harbor Master is easily one of our favourite additions;s, especially after it teamed up with Pocket God to inject a bit of additional humour and interest into both games.

Imangi has just been in touch to tell us that another update is now imminent. This latest version will deliver Bluetooth multiplayer to those busy ports (on OS 3.0 and higher and on 2nd gen iPod touch and iPhone 3G or newer), allowing you to go head-to-head against another overwhelmed pilot.

After unloading a ship on any of the six maps, sending it off screen makes it appear at that same spot in your opponent's harbour, only fully loaded once again. With a bit of careful strategising, you'll be able to coordinate waves of ships in an effort to overwhelm your opponent - assuming you can keep your own harbour operational in the meantime.

The new version of Harbor Master will also add a fast forward button to the single player game to help you get into the action a bit quicker.

Harbor Master has already been submitted to Apple, and should be with us in a few days.
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