Bolt Creative looking to bring Pocket God to other platforms

Everything from handheld to console and Facebook considered

Bolt Creative looking to bring Pocket God to other platforms
| Pocket God

One of the success stories of the App Store in 2009, Pocket God is also a textbook example of how the enthusiastic small developer can find and connect with an audience and create a 1.2 million-selling monster hit in the process.

Now, after giving out some figures on the game's peak sales - its best day was 18,900 copies sold on 2 March - it appears developer Bolt Creative is looking more widely to see where else Pocket God fever can strike.

"We're looking at every option right now from other mobile platforms to digital delivery on consoles and handhelds and even Facebook" explains Dave Castelnuovo.

Of course, the easiest option would be to port the game directly to other touchscreen devices - what about a DSiWare version for example? However Castelnuovo says there won't be any rush to cash in.

"We're looking to ensure that the game design will work for each platform we choose to spend time on," he says. "For example on Wii or Facebook, we'll likely need a different mechanic."

Aside from the gameplay however, perhaps the hardest thing to replicate will be the strong week-on-week viral sales momentum that Pocket God has built up with its to-date 22 updates, each of which have added more items and ways to torture enjoy playing with your island tribe of pygmies.

Also planned is a full 3.0 OS iPhone version of the game that will add new social networking features such as push notification and buddy challenges.