Harbour Master iPhone gets Retina display update, new map

Higher resolution cargo and a new map

Harbour Master iPhone gets Retina display update, new map
| Harbor Master

Top iPhone line-drawing game that doesn’t feature planes, Harbour Master (Harbor Master for American English App Stores), has been given a bit of a buff and polish before being sent out on another cargo-carrying mission.

As well as gaining support for the higher resolution screen of the iPhone 4, Harbour Master has apparently been trading with the far-flung country of iPad-ovia, as it now comes with a new map taken from the larger version - Cargo City.

Cargo City ramps up the challenge of managing your naval shipments by introducing a third colour of cargo on the screen.

On the iPad it's one of the more stressful encounters outside the ridiculous Bermuda Triangle map, so it's well worth checking out should you find the existing six iPhone levels too easy.

Thankfully, the iPhone version of Harbour Master isn’t freemium, so you can get the full game for £1.19 / $1.99 / €1.59 using the link below without having to worry about buying the new map separately.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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