Hades, the legendary indie roguelite inspired by Greek mythology, to release on mobile through Netflix games

Hades, the legendary indie roguelite inspired by Greek mythology, to release on mobile through Netflix games
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Legendary indie rougelite Hades is finally set to make its way to mobile courtesy of Netflix’s Games platform. This Greek mythology top-down action game sees you embark as the son of Hades himself, Zagreus, in an attempt to escape the underworld and make it home amongst the other Gods and Goddesses of the pantheon. Sitting at a comfortable Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam reviews, this is an indie that is beloved amongst just about everyone out there.

Hades is a roguelite at its core but is also one of the most narratively focused roguelites I’ve ever personally played. Between each action-packed run, you’ll be progressing a narrative full of twists and turns as you speak to the members of your house within the Underworld. These include the likes of Hades, your father, who will berate you and insist that you cannot and should not escape constantly, along with other recognizable heroes like Achilles and Thanatos amongst many, many others.

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The core gameplay otherwise sees you going from room to room, encountering enemies galore as you collect blessings from the Gods above that will change your build. You’ll also choose a weapon at the start of each run that will affect how you perform within combat as well, making for a large collection of interesting builds you can create that can range from a ranged archer-like style to a whirling blade of death-dashing to and fro.

Hades is well-known for a reason and has become a staple of the indie industry, introducing many to a far more consumable than most other hyper-difficult roguelites of the genre. Up to now, mobile players have not had their chance to check it out, but sometime in 2024, we’ll all finally be able to experience the epic saga of Zagreus’s ascent to the Olympic pantheon.

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