Guardian Tales Season 3 introduces new world, the Pixie Forest

A whole new world awaits you

Guardian Tales Season 3 introduces new world, the Pixie Forest
  • Guardian Tales season 3 is here! New content, a new map and more abound
  • Go from the stygian abyss of the Demon World and into the lush Pixie Forest
  • New log-in rewards, daily missions and Twitch drops mark this new epoch

With the close of Season 2, Guardian Tales finished up the truly terrifying tales that took players through the Demon World in World 18. And while World 19 brings just as many challenges in this new update, you'll be glad to know the Pixie Forest is also a breath of fresh air, quite literally.

While the Demon World was as grim and nasty as you might expect with a name such as that, the Pixie Forest offers lush floral landscapes and fauna. But just be aware, because even though it appears calm and peaceful, there's definitely danger still lurking beneath the surface.

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There's also a new hero in the form of the King of the Hill, Hornet, and the ascension of the Knight class offering powerful new abilities for those players who manage to level them up. There are lobby expansions, new buildings, and more, all promising to revamp the way that you play Guardian Tales!

Into the forest

Season 3 also offers some bountiful rewards for players logging in, with 3,000 gems to benefit from, as well as 50 free summons and further benefits. There are Twitch drops and daily missions too for those completionists out there.

And with the Pixie Forest promising to offer a whole new world to explore, with just as many dangers as wonders to encounter, we can only assume there are just as many opportunities for new players to drop in and check out what Guardian Tales has to offer!

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