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Guardian Tales guide - Tips and hints to help you get started

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Guardian Tales guide - Tips and hints to help you get started

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Original article by Alina Novichenko. Updated on 12.07.2023 by Cristina Mesesan

Have you downloaded Guardians, launched it and found yourself unsure of where to start or what to do? Do you want to upgrade your account and become a master of this game? Or maybe just figure out where to start? Then this Guardian Tales guide is for you because here we will give some tips and hints on how to get started.

Let's talk about the main storyline

This may sound obvious, but do not ignore the game's main storyline. First, you will be shown and told about the lore and you don't want to miss out on the narrative. Secondly, you might be given some nice rewards to get you started. For example, you can get 50 blue gems for completing a 3-star mission.

Click on "Adventures" to access the world map. Here you'll find the campaign stages, as you progress through them you unlock new areas and features. After completing the current World, you unlock the next World, naturally. Each World has 2 types of progression: normal and challenging. You receive many rewards for battling in the stages, including currency, equipment, and companions for your guardian.

Completing the main storyline will help you gather more resources, so we recommend that you always try to advance as much as possible with the current lineup you have, and whenever you get stuck, go back to upgrading your heroes (with the resources you've gathered). After they're upgraded, try to progress again - rinse and repeat!

Note: If you are actually someone who loves a good game with an even better narrative behind it, then you should not skip any of the dialogues. It's actually one of the best game storylines you'll ever come across, even though the game doesn't have any fancy 3D graphics and whatnot.
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Tip #1 - How to build a team in Guardian Tales

Creating and upgrading your team is an important part of Guardian Tales. There are two ways you can do this. You can play in a mono-element team, or you can use duo-element teams.

For a regular team, it is best to take four guardians that are a five-star rarity. Also, do not ignore the healers. The best options are Favi and Aoba. Favi can remove enemies' effects. Elsewhere, Aoba can be useful when combined with other characters as she brings some specific combinations. You should learn them on your own. Here is a small list of best guardians by the class that often appear in player teams:

  1. Tanker: Future Princess, Oghma - Sword, Marina, Erina
  2. Warrior: Beth, Lilith, Knight - Sword, Plitvice, Eugene
  3. Ranged: Future Knight - Rifle, Nari, Mk. 99, Bari, Garam, Arabelle
  4. Support: Miya, Gabriel, Kamael, Noxia, Mayreel, Aoba, Karina

Guardian Tales: Best Ranged Team

  1. Idol Captain Eva - Support
  2. Mad Scientist Gremory - Ranged
  3. Mecha Warrior Oghma - Tank
  4. Pirate Rachael - Ranged

Guardian Tales: Best Balanced Team

  1. Archangel Gabriel - Support
  2. God of Harvest Kamael - Support
  3. Legendary Hero Erina -Tank
  4. Queen Lilith - Warrior

Guardian Tales: Best Melee Team

  1. Aspiring Warrior Craig - Tank
  2. Drunken Swordmaster Lynn - Warrior
  3. Exorcist Miya - Support
  4. Future Princess - Tank

However, do not forget that there should be a different line-up for each player mod in the game. The thing is that in some mods you will be fighting directly against another player.

Tip #2 - Spend your resources on useful items

There are a lot of materials that you can buy, but not all of them are useful. Some you can get during missions. Make sure you don't spend all of your resources on everything that you can afford, but rather only on the things that are the most important toward your progression.

Below is a list of really useful items we recommend that you buy:

  • Battle Medals: you can get them by participating in the Coliseum or the Arena. Regardless of whether you lose or not, you get two Battle Medals, which can be exchanged for the accessory. We recommend choosing the Minotaur’s Necklace.
  • Hero Crystals: Hero crystals will not be needed at first, but do not use them irrationally. They will be needed more towards the end of the game. They should be saved if you want to progress further after a certain point since they are needed to upgrade your guardians.
  • Purple Shop: give preference to Stamina grinders.
  • Star Piece: Star Pieces are needed to upgrade your buildings. Everything else can either be sold or thrown away. You should always have approximately 20 Star Pieces.

Tip #3 - Don't forget to claim the Guardian Tales codes

Sometimes the developers may give codes for Guardian Tales that you have to enter in the game to get in-game gifts. Do not forget to redeem them, as the codes may expire and get replaced by new ones.

No idea how to enter a code? To redeem a code with gifts from the developers, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Settings menu on the home screen (the gear icon in the top right corner);
  2. Select the "Account Settings" tab;
  3. Click on "Enter coupon code" and in the window that will open, enter the actual code;
  4. Confirm the code.

With these codes you'll get a ton of rewards that should help you get a head start in the game!

Tip #4 - Join a guild ASAP

You can join any guild that is open to the public. If the guild is open, you will become a member as soon as you join, but if the guild is closed, your application will need to be approved by a guild master. By joining a guild, you can talk to like-minded people and participate in different and interesting guild events.

Look for an active guild as soon as you can because you can get in-game hints and rank high for completing guild events. This will help you better develop your guardians, level up faster, and get more rewards.

Do not forget to enter the guild headquarters, and be sure to collect your daily rewards. Here you get Guardian experience, free gems, and gold.

It's also worth mentioning that even if you don't join the best guild as soon as you start playing, you can later change to a better one, maybe even a top one in the server, once you meet their criteria. Usually, the top guilds don't accept newbie players, so it's best if you grind your way up in a lower-level guild, and then swap once you're able to.

Tip #5 - Upgrade your heroes

Upgrading the heroes takes time, but there's a twist - you can use Hero Crystals for buying Evolution Stones. However, you shouldn't. The Hero Crystals are best used for Limit Break, so if you use them for anything other than that, it will greatly slow your progress. To Limit Break a Unique hero you'll need 700, and for a Rare hero, you'll need 350, in addition to another 350 that you'll want to have for Ascending them.

We recommend that you do the dungeons for obtaining all the resources required for upgrading your heroes, and not meddle with spending them on anything else aside from actually upgrading them. You can obtain more by summoning heroes or from events, but if you have any heroes maxed out, it's okay to exchange the extra stones.

Don't rush to upgrade all your heroes at once, but instead focus on one team at a time

While we're at this, it's also worth mentioning that you should not start leveling up ALL the heroes you have - that is a huge waste of resources and at the start, it's best if you focus on just a few that will be in your main team. Once you upgrade these enough to be able to face stronger opponents, and once you've gathered enough resources to afford upgrading a second team (be it PvP or of a different element), then you can start working on other heroes. Until then, one at a time!

Tip #6 - Save your Gems for the banner/hero you truly want

This part of the Guardian Tales guide is important to remember. As is the case with many gacha games, you will get a lot of pleasure from summoning. There are tons of heroes that you can acquire, and you can mainly do so from the gacha banners. This will cost you Gems, so if you reached a point where you can afford to spend on any banner (because you already have most of the main heroes for your teams), then good for you! Otherwise, you should be a little frugal with your Gem spending.

The best you could do is save the Gems for the banners that feature some of the best heroes in the game, especially the ones that you don't already own. It's going to take a lot of dupes to max them out, so if you end up spending all of your currency on the banners you don't actually need, it will be a major waste. Decide which heroes you want to have and who you want to build your teams around, and whenever the banner is available, go for it!

In conclusion

If there's one thing you should take from this guide, is that you should never use the Hero Crystals in exchange for Evolution Stones - it can't be stressed enough just how important this little tip is, and how far it will go (you can thank us later). Like in many other games, it's a process, so don't expect to have all the heroes and complete the story mode within one day.

We hope you found this Guardian Tales guide useful and now you can defeat your opponents and enemies in a matter of seconds. Follow the above tips and hints and then the game will become much easier to play.

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Cristina Mesesan
Cristina Mesesan
Cristina is a lifelong gamer who also loves digital art, she's worked as an animator and tried some game level designing in Unity. Her biggest passion is pixel games (Stardew, To the Moon), and she adores writing and sharing her knowledge about games.