Sword-slashing puzzler Grindstone gets a new Fortune Grind mode

Sword-slashing puzzler Grindstone gets a new Fortune Grind mode
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Capybara Games has updated its action puzzle game Grindstone on Apple Arcade with a new Fortune Daily Grind mode. The free update came to iOS devices and Nintendo Switch last week ahead of the game’s PC release on the Epic Games store.

Fortune Grind is a tweaked version of the Daily Grind mode, where every new run has rules set by a roulette wheel that you have to spin. This can potentially make the next playthrough much harder for you, bringing in more complications, but it also yields much better rewards.

This new update for Grindstone also adds a few more features, including ten new levels and new Slop House recipes to play with. The full details can be found in the trailer we’ve embedded below.

Grindstone is the unique sword-slashing puzzler from Capybara Games, where your goal is to slay your way up Grindstone Mountain to find fortune and glory. The game has you exercising your sharp puzzle skills and combat agility as you slice through swarms of bloodthirsty enemies dwelling within the dungeons. With over 150 levels consisting of badass bosses, loot resources, and powerful gear awaiting your discovery, the game has proven to be a hit on Apple Arcade.

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You can download Grindstone now from the iOS App Store via Apple Arcade, the premium subscription service that gives you instant access to hundreds of exclusive mobile games for a small monthly fee. You can read more about it from the official website here.

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