Miniclip drops speed platformer Gravity Guy onto App Store

You turn me upside down

Miniclip drops speed platformer Gravity Guy onto App Store
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One of the most popular Flash gaming portals, Miniclip has started making waves on iPhone too.

Its first game - Fragger - has slowly and steadily done over a million paid sales since it was released in June.

And now, another Flash classic - Gravity Guy - has also been released.

Flip reverse it

A fast moving platformer, it has you controlling the gravity guy, tapping on the screen to reverse gravity so he can run on the ceiling, and tapping again to take him back to the floor.

Of course, you use this skill to avoid obstacles, leap across gaps, and generally make your way through the sequential 30 levels, as you're pursued by the gravity troops who are out to zap you.

Do it again

In terms of replayability, it's a high score game, with plenty of checkpoints to save your progress, which is good because you're going to die lots of time.

Essentially, you have learn the patterns of each level and get your tapping rhythm as close to perfect as you can. As well as the main Story mode, you can also select individual levels to practise in. These don't contain enemies or record your score.

There's also a multiplayer mode for up to four players, while high score and achievement are recorded via Game Center.

Out now for iPhone and iPod touch, Gravity Guy is out now, priced 99c, €0.79 or 59p.

You can see the gameplay video below, or play the Flash version here.

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