Granblue Fantasy brings back its Persona 5 collaboration to celebrate the new year

Granblue Fantasy brings back its Persona 5 collaboration to celebrate the new year
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Legendary gacha RPG Granblue Fantasy has announced that, to ring in the new year, they’ll be hosting a rerun of the Persona 5 crossover event that was originally aired in June 2018. While the event will remain the same as it was when it originally premiered, it will give newer players a chance to get their hands on characters from Persona 5 itself as well as introduce some fun side stories that include the Granblue cast and said characters interacting.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Persona 5 is a legendary JRPG that sold like hotcakes upon its original launch, and includes the story of a dashing young rogue titled Joker as he ventures into the hearts of criminals to change their ways. It features a loveable cast, some of whom will be available during this event, and is generally beloved within JRPG circles.

As for what characters exactly will be available during this event, we’ve got a decent spread: Joker, the protagonist; Morgana, the animal mascot; Skull, the punkish sidekick; and Panther and Fox, both a part of the main cast as well. These characters each come fully realised within the Granblue art style and are equipped with their own unique skills, allowing you to utilise them within any party composition you wish to create.

On top of this, with this rerun, Joker will be available to be upgraded to a 5-star unit this time around, allowing you to take full advantage of his skills and make him even stronger than before.

Granblue Fantasy is no stranger to cool crossovers, having just ended one with the legendary anime series One Piece, and it will also be running the Code Geass collab alongside this Persona 5 rerun, so there’s a lot on offer here.

If you’d like to grab all of these Persona 5 units yourself during the month of January, you can download Granblue Fantasy at the official website for free!

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