Nobuo Uematsu and FFVI art director reunite for Granblue Fantasy, a Mobage mobile game

Here comes the nostalgia

Nobuo Uematsu and FFVI art director reunite for Granblue Fantasy, a Mobage mobile game

There's a lot of love for Final Fantasy VI in the fan community, which is why the prospect of a game that reunites composer Nobuo Uematsu with art director Hideo Minaba sounds so appealing.

Japanese publisher Cygames has announced that this appealing prospect will become a reality with the upcoming JRPG, Granblue Fantasy.

Featuring a huge cast of characters and a talented stable of voice actors along with a soundtrack inspired by traditional Irish music, Granblue Fantasy has every element needed to become a successful JRPG.

And it's launching as a free-to-play title, published by Mobage.

Granblue Fantasy looks to tick many of the boxes that made the Final Fantasy franchise so successful over the past 25 years.

Combat's a turn-based affair, as one would expect for a JRPG, and it has plenty of airships, crying teenage protagonists, crystals, and summons for players to discover over the course of the storyline.

Unfortunately, we don't have too much more to go on past this and the fact that it's listed as free-to-download on Cygames' site - hinting at an IAP-based pricing model.

Granblue Fantasy will launch in Japan this winter. Currently, there's no information available about an international release - but there is an impressive trailer to watch.

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