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Gold Wagon is an arcade game about dodging obstacles and grabbing gold nuggets

Available now for iOS

Gold Wagon is an arcade game about dodging obstacles and grabbing gold nuggets
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Gold Wagon is an arcade game from developers Squareform that's available now for iOS. It will see players hurtling down a series tracks and having to avoid numerous objects that litter the rails, all in the name of getting some gold.

It's a very straightforward game then, where you'll switch from rail to rail to ensure that your wagon avoids the various obstacles that are scattered throughout the mines. This might be crates of explosives, buzz saws or other rogue pieces of mining equipment. Your cart won't have brakes either, so there's no time to stop and think.

There are 24 levels to complete throughout Gold Wagon and they'll take place across a wide range of locales. This includes deserts, snow-tipped mountains, lava-filled caverns, swamps and a city that's filled with a ludicrous number of saws.

As you rattle along the tracks in these different places you'll want to be grabbing as many golden nuggets as you can so that you can rack up the highest score possible. There will also be a choice of different wagons too, with each having their own attributes to bear in mind.

The levels start will fairly simple solutions, only have to swipe up or down to ensure you're staying on a track that won't lead you into an explosive crate. It appears though that as you progress you'll have to do some more advance predicting, such as on the saw levels where you'll need to account for their movement speed as well.

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It's all backed by an original country soundtrack, so if you're a fan of of the genre then you might find a lot to enjoy in Gold Wagon's music. The game also supports Game Center so you'll be able to challenge your friends to try and beat your highest scores across the games numerous stages.

Gold Wagon is available now over on the App Store as a free-to-play game that is supported by ads.

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