Ghost Detective challenges you to solve your own murder mystery, out now in select countries

Ghost Detective challenges you to solve your own murder mystery, out now in select countries
| Ghost Detective

Wooga Adventure has soft-launched its new game, Ghost Detective. It is a new hidden puzzle game with an exciting storyline where you are killed in the line of duty and wake up as a ghost! Well, I hope your first case is clear to you: it is solving your own murder mystery.

Here you explore the haunted New Orleans in a new way. Your task will see you finding the difference between two pictures and investigating hidden object scenes. Collect important clues as you proceed, and don't forget to team up with allies who may be alive or dead so that they can help you track down the murderer!

About the game

Ghost Detective is a vibrant, scary puzzle mystery game that will help you train your brain muscles. It's a title where dying can become more complicated than living. In the haunted city of New Orleans, explore a stunning open-world game where your detective skills are put to the test. The detailed 3D scenes will help you upgrade your skills by challenging you to find differences and hidden objects. There are multiple play modes that you can choose from.

You can even customize your detective and find the perfect way to solve the crime in a unique way. Investing in clues is going to help you solve more difficult mysteries while rare ingredients are also there to craft useful boosters and recipes.

The storyline will revolve around the choices you make. You can win amazing rewards from the Spirits of Fortune, and if you feel you want to trade some of your resources with other players around the globe, you can visit the Spirit Bazar.

Ghost Detective is out now in select countries on Android

If you think you are a good investigator, you can give Ghost Detective a go by getting it from Google Play. Sadly, it's only out in select countries right now. But it's expected to be released globally very soon.

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