Genshin Impact's hide and seek inspired Windtrace event goes live tomorrow

Genshin Impact's hide and seek inspired Windtrace event goes live tomorrow
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New events keep starting in Genshin Impact’s Lantern Rites festival. Going live tomorrow, January 13th is Mondstadt's classic game Windtrace, and it's being hosted by Gygax. Players above Adventure Rank 20 can participate to win Primogems, EXP, Mora, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about the event.

Windtrace is quite similar to hide and seek. Players begin by forming a co-op party or joining a random one at Gygax’s. Then, everyone will randomly be assigned the role of either a Rebel who must move and hide until the time is up or a Hunter who must capture all Rebels in the given time. Besides the general rewards, Adventurers who play in random games will also earn Windtrace Coins.

As a Rebel, players must constantly be on the move, finding different hiding spots to avoid the Hunter until the time is up. Staying hidden for longer will reward the Rebel with more Windtrace Coins. They can also use Windward Arts to disguise themselves or bait the Hunters. These include the ability to transform into an object from the area, laying bait in front of the player, entering a transparent state temporarily, and increasing movement speed for 30 seconds. Rebels can gain an edge over Hunters by using all these tricks.

As seekers, Hunters must catch all rebels in the available time. Catching multiple Rebels in a short time means more Windtrace Coins. During the preparation phase, Hunters will have an obscured field of vision, inhibiting them from seeing the paths the Rebels take. To capture the Rebels, the Hunters can use their own Windward Arts like dispelling the opponent’s disguise, being notified of Rebel movements and showing directions to where the Rebels are.

Windtrace will take place in Contested Zones, which will be randomly chosen. Players can obtain up to 6,000 Windtrace Coins through the event which can be exchanged for numerous rewards like Primogems and Mora. The event will run until 27th January.

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