Genshin Impact reveals list of upcoming events for version 3.6 phase two

Genshin Impact reveals list of upcoming events for version 3.6 phase two

A few weeks ago, HoYoverse released version 3.6 – A Parade of Providence on Genshin Impact. The first phase of this update brought about new gameplay events and story quests like Brewing Developments, Act II of Sapientia Oromasdis, and the highly awaited Akademiya Extravaganza event. Phase to aims to wrap up v3.6 with a few remaining quests.

Event Wishes

Like with the previous phase, this one is set to feature three more Event Wishes. Until May 23rd, drop rates will be significantly higher for a few 5- and 4-star characters and weapons. Here’s a look at the ones that you’d not want to miss out on:

  • Immaculate Pulse – 5-star Beyond the Mortality Bahizu (Dendro)
  • Adrift in the Harbour – 5-star Plenilune Gaze Ganyu (Cryo)
  • Epitome Invocation – 5-star Jadefall’s Splendour Catalyst and Amos’ Bow

Story Quests

Bahizu is one of the new playable characters joining Genshin Impact’s roster in this update. The second phase will allow players to unlock their story quest called Lagenaria Chapter. It is only available for those above Adventure Rank 40, as long as all prior missions have been completed.

Gameplay Events

As we move towards the end of A Parade of Providence, two other events will go live. Between May 8th and 22nd, travellers can participate in The Recollector’s Path which offers Primogems, Weapon Ascension Materials, and Hero’s Wit on completion. It involves helping Sorush finish a set of trails and is reserved for players above AR 20.

Overflowing Mastery, on the other hand, is available for everyone as long as they have activated the Talent Level-Up Material Domains. These include Forsaken Rift, Traishan Mansion, Violet Court, and Steeple of Ignorance. Following this, players must consume Original Resin and voila! All rewards will be doubled up to three times a day.

Expect to hear more about version 3.7 in the next few weeks. Download Genshin Impact now for free.

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