Genshin Impact reveals all events for version 3.6's first phase

Genshin Impact reveals all events for version 3.6's first phase

In just a couple of days, Hoyoverse will release a new content-packed update for Genshim Impact. Version 3.6, titled A Parade of Providence is going live on April 12th. It is set to feature the Akademiya Extravaganza event where two new playable characters will make their debut, and also expand Sumeru’s boundaries into the wastelands where a massive battle once took place.

Event Wishes

We’ll kick things off with the usual event wishes, where certain characters and events have significantly boosted drop rates, making it easier to obtain them. Here’s the stuff that will be available in phase one of Genshin Impact’s version 3.6:

  • The Moongrass’ Enlightenment – 5-star Nahida (Dendro)
  • Twirling Lotus – 5-star Nilou (Hydro)
  • Epitome Invocation – 5-star A Thousand Floating Dreams Catalyst and Key of Khaj-Nisut Sword

Gameplay Events

The hallmark event of version 3.6 is A Parade of Providence, which will see the Akademiya Extravaganza event take place. It is divided into two stages – a Gala featuring minigames based on the six Darshans, and then an Interdarshan Championship between all of them. Rewards for participating include Primogems, Crown of Insight, and exclusive Furnishings.

Next up is Brewing Developments, between April 13th and 24th. It challenges players with defeating as many opponents within a time limit in exchange for Primogems, Character Talent Level-Up Materials, and Hero’s Wit. Then there is the Fulminating Sandstorm Event, which tasks travellers with building the Wenutslasks travellers with building the Wenutslayer Cannon to beat a wandering Wenut.

Story Events

Nahida’s tale is continuing with this update. Players above AR40 who have completed the previous quests will be able to unlock Sapientia Oromasdis Chapter: Act II. Additionally, Series IX of the Hangout Events will be available after v3.6’s launch, featuring Layla.

The phase one events will approximately run until May 2nd. Get ready for them by downloading Genshin Impact now for free.

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