Genshin Impact's new 4.8 update is right around the corner with new summer-themed content

There's a whole new map to explore for a limited time

Genshin Impact's new 4.8 update is right around the corner with new summer-themed content
  • Genshin Impact update 4.8 is right around the corner
  • It adds new summer-themed minigames and a limited-time map: Simulanka
  • Keep your eye out for fun rewards and more, starting July 17th

Genshin Impact's 4.8 update is right around the corner, with new summer-themed content for you to enjoy. Arriving June 17th, this is no mere limited-time event or special set of rewards, but a massive full-fledged addition to the game. So what's being added? Well, let's find out.

The first and the most massive addition is in the form of Simulanka, a new limited-time map that features unique creatures and mechanics for you to explore. The new map comes alongside Dendrie, a five-star Dendro polearm user who is also being added.

There are also new outfits for Kirara and Nilou, a seat of seasonal events (to be expected) with special rewards on offer, as well as Event Wishes on offer. It's a pretty major update, and comes alongside a new sneak peek at what's coming up with the soon-to-be-added Natlan.

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We won't spoil all the new minigames, but one of them which stuck out to us was the Northern Winds Gliding Challenge, which sends you flying into the air over Simulanka, shooting down balloons to score points.

The wonderful world of clockwork

It's rare to see a game add in something major for a seasonal event, although we're sure some might be a bit disappointed that Simulanka is only sticking around for a limited time. Fortunately, there's more than enough time to enjoy it, with the new update hitting platforms on July 17th, and running for a considerable length of time.

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