Genshin Impact's The Recollector's Path event is now live

Genshin Impact's The Recollector's Path event is now live
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We’re just about entering the business end of Genshin Impact’s version 3.6 – A Parade of Providence update as the phase two events are slowly going live. The event wishes and story quests are already available, giving players access to the new playable character, Bahizu. On top of that, the first gameplay event, The Recollector’s Path, has just started.

Genshin Impact’s The Recollector’s Path event sees players help Sorush clear a number of trials in exchange for valuable rewards like Primogems, Weapon Ascension Materials, and Hero’s Wit. It is open for players above Adventure Rank 20, provided they have completed The Splendorous Sky That Day World Quest. In addition, it is preferred that travellers have access to the Twin-Horned Chaplet as well.

The event will be available between May 8th and 22nd, with a total of six stages launching daily beginning today. Players must complete the quest and two trials of that particular day to proceed further. These trials are further divided into three categories:

  • Tranquil Trial – Nirodha Fruits must be used to expel uninvited guests
  • Intrepid Impulse – Players must reach the destination within the given time limit
  • Reinforced Reminiscence – Sites of vital memories must be discovered and restored

The ultimate goal is to ensure Sorush follows Zuruvan’s instructions which will help her discover her role as a Bloomguard. Every stage begins with certain teaching that Sorush must attend, followed by travelling to a specified site where the challenges will be held.

In Tranquil Trail, Sorush must use her Analysis skill in order to understand the characteristics and specialities of the Curios and uninvited guests. Then, using special Nirodha fruits from a unique flower, all the demons of Dev must be driven away.

Intrepid Impulse is simpler as players just have to pass through Glowing Wreaths that boost them and expand the collection AoE for Valiant Corollas. Finally, Sorush must use a partial image to locate the correct region in Reinforced Reminiscence.

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