Genshin Impact v2.8 Summer Fantasia's second phase goes live soon with new Event Wishes and Quests

Genshin Impact v2.8 Summer Fantasia's second phase goes live soon with new Event Wishes and Quests

Genshin Impact’s latest update, version 2.8, titled Summer Fantasia has been out for a couple of weeks with the first phase of events about to wrap up. There was a lot to look out for but that was only the beginning. Hoyoverse has already released the plan for the upcoming second string of events coming to Genshin Impact as part of this update as well. While it may not feature as many things as its predecessor, the second phase still has a bunch of stuff to look out for.

Phase two of the Summer Fantasia update on Genshin Impact kicks off with two Event Wishes that will be available from August 2nd until the 23rd. Kicking things off is the Tapestry of Golden Flames Event Wish that will feature the five-star character Frolicking Flames Yoimiya, alongside four-star heroes like Benett, Xinyan, and Yun Jin. Next, is the weapons wish called Epitome Invocation which will have the five-star Thundering Pulse Bow and Summit Shaper Sword up for grabs alongside other four-star weapons like the Wine and Song Catalyst, Alley Hunter Bow, The Flute Sword, and more.

This will be followed by the Reminiscent Regiment event that is to be held between August 4th and 15th. It will take place on the Golden Apple Archipelago and will task players with co-op challenges to complete with their friends. Travellers above Adventure Rank 32 will be able to participate and earn various rewards like Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Talent Level-Up Materials, and Mora.

The final event of this phase is called Evermotion Mechanical Painting and it will be available between August 12th and 22nd. In this quest, players will aid Felix Yogue from the Court of Fontaine as they work together to restore Mechanical Painting Parts in order to create an Evermotion Mechanical Painting for loads of rewards. Those above Adventure Rank 18 can join in.

Wrap up all your remaining quests now as phase two of version 2.8 is coming soon to Genshin Impact. Download the game by clicking on the links below.

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