Genshin Impact is kicking off its v3.0 update with the Graven Innocence event

Genshin Impact is kicking off its v3.0 update with the Graven Innocence event

We’re just a day away from the launch of Genshin Impact’s version 3.0 – The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings and it is going to be packed with content ranging from a newly explorable area, to the seventh and final Dendro element, and new characters. Hoyoverse also gave players a good look at the first phase of events that go live with the update tomorrow. Read more about it in our recent article.

Beginning as soon as the update goes live is the Graven Innocence event that can be found in Port Ormos in Sumeru. Players will help the people out at Acara Crafts with a few tasks in exchange for numerous rewards. To participate in this quest, the requirements involve being at Adventure Rank 20 and having completed The Trail of the God of Wisdom in Archon Quest Chapter III: Act I.

Graven Innocence can be divided into three halves, with the first being Roaming the Jungle. Here, players must complete challenges like snapshotting the newly unlocked Sumeru region, collect Adventure Coins in a limited time, fight enemies, and defeat the two new bosses – Electro Regisvine and Jadeplume Terrorshrrom. This is followed by the Metamorphosis of Wood wherein players will use Whimsical Drafts obtained from the snapshots quest to unlock Carving Components to create adorable items made of wood. Finally, there is the Meticulous Craftmanship, which is a storyline quest.

Finishing The Underappreciated Carving mission, which is part of Graven Innocence will unlock the Dendro user Sprout of Rebirth Collei, while the other quests mentioned above will provide players with numerous rewards like Primogems, Crown of Insight, Character and Talent Level-Up Materials, Mora, event-exclusive Furnishings, and more.

This event will be accessible to everyone until the next major update, so there’s enough time to complete everything. Download Genshin Impact now for free.

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