Genshin Impact begins the Feast of the Departed Spirit event with the Crackling Thunder Manifestation boss

Genshin Impact begins the Feast of the Departed Spirit event with the Crackling Thunder Manifestation boss

As we enter the second half of Genshin Impact's ongoing version 3.7 update, Duel! The Summoners’ Summit, the first gameplay event has gone live. Travellers can begin participating in the Feast of the Departed Warriors, which takes players to a mysterious Domain that is full of dangers lurking in the dark.

The Feast of the Departed Warriors mission in Genshin Impact is available for those above Adventure Rank 30, as long as they have completed the Song of the Dragon and Freedom Archon Quest. It tasks players with completing a series of tricky combat challenges with customisable difficulties, offering rewards such as Primogems, Character Talent Materials and Hero’s Wit depending on their choices.

During the event, travellers must first choose a particular difficulty, which determines the combat level and subsequent rewards. In addition, players can also select Tempos, which are similar to modifiers that may positively or negatively affect gameplay. A new challenge will unlock every two days, each featuring different bosses to battle.

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Currently, travellers must go up against the Crackling Thunder Manifestation, whose Strike Probes deal powerful damage and can easily lock onto targets. Strike Probes survey the area and hone in on anyone within their range. This causes the Manifestation to enter an enraged state where it attacks at a greater rate.

It isn’t wise to take on the Crackling Thunder Manifestation straightaway, and destroying the Strike Probes should be the priority in the beginning. They can be easily broken by using Elemental Reaction. On top of that, choosing the right Tempos will also provide benefits in battle.

The Feast of the Departed Warriors event will remain live until June 26th. Try it out now by downloading Genshin Impact for free using your preferred link below.

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