Genshin Impact has showcased their latest character, Faruzan, ahead of the v3.3's launch

Genshin Impact has showcased their latest character, Faruzan, ahead of the v3.3's launch
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Genshin Impact is set to kick off version 3.3 – All Senses Clear, All Existence Void as the first phase goes live tomorrow. The update is introducing two new characters, one of which, Wanderer, we’ve already learnt about. Today, Hoyoverse has revealed information about the second one, Faruzan, the enigmatic machinist that was referred to as a researcher from one hundred years ago.

Faruzan is an excellent researcher of the Akademiya and has won numerous awards including the Sumeru Puzzlers’ League Lifetime Achievement Award, with her name on most Kshahrewar textbooks, making her one of the most important scholars of Ancient Mechanics.

But, the Haravatat students have something else to say altogether. If you ask any of them about Faruzan, they’ll frown and call her studies obsolete. They are sure that her work will not pass the review so it’s better to just find another mentor. Madam Faruzan isn’t really a fan of her juniors either.

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While she may be an excellent researcher, Faruzan is a capable enough fighter as well. Not the kind of hero that would lead from the front, but she is a great support character that uses a bow to deal Anemo damage. She can fire four arrows in one ago and charging this attack will ensure that the hit is more precise and deals a bout of damage in one go.

When Faruzan activates her Elemental Skill, her next Aimed Shot gets boosted. It goes on to apply the Pressurized Collapse effect on characters, monsters, or whatever location was hit. The move creates a vortex that drags enemies inwards to obliterate them.

Finally, her Elemental Burst move sees Faruzan release a Dazzling Polyhedron that moves around on a designated path, giving all allies an Anemo Damage Bonus. In addition to this, it gives out a Whirlwind Pulse that debuffs opponents by lowering their Anemo Resistance.

Madam Faruzan will join Genshin Impact tomorrow as part of the Event Wishes. Download the game by clicking your preferred link below.

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