Genshin Impact unveils first TCG tournament - Astra Carnival: The Prince Cup

Genshin Impact unveils first TCG tournament - Astra Carnival: The Prince Cup

Genius Invokation, Genshin Impact’s in-game trading card game has been out since last November, giving players an entirely new mechanic to master. Since then, it’s been updated with new features, especially in the recently launched version 3.7 update. It’s now time to put those skills to the test as HoYoverse has announced its first TCG tournament.

Genshin Impact will be hosting the Astra Carnival: The Prince Cup, a Genius Invokation TCG Tournament, in the second half of 2023. The competition is set to bring high-ranking players from several nations across the globe as they participate in a total of six regional championships and invitational contests. Overall, there’s a prize pool of a whopping $270,000 up for grabs.

Earlier this year, the Genshin Impact Tavern released the Cat’s Tail Gathering Tournament, a community-driven competition on Discord. The Prince Cup aims to take things to the next level by bringing champion players from the GITCG contest for some fiery battles. The players will take part in six regional tournaments between June and September and three cross-regional invitationals in June, August, and December.

The regional championships will consist of top players form the Cat’s Tail Gathering community as well as a few wildcard entries. Later stages will also happen offline and will be broadcasted for everyone to see. Winners from these tournaments may also receive invitations to take part in exhibition matches.

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This is the first international tournament on Genshin Impact and the developers hope to bring a lot of entertainment for fans. Regionals will first begin in Korea, Europe, and North America, with wildcard entries opening today on the official website, which also outlines the basic rules and regulations. More information about the other nations and invitationals should be out soon.

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