Garena Free Fire: A few tips remember on the Purgatory map

Garena Free Fire: A few tips remember on the Purgatory map

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Garena Free Fire is one of the biggest video games on planet Earth and it continues to evolve. In particular, we've seen the game do several collaborations with brands within pop culture and beyond such as featuring unlockable items based on legendary comic book antagonist, Venom as well as real-world cultural phenomenons such as the McLaren vehicle and racing team.

Sometimes, the updates include new modes for a limited time. These can be hilarious parodies of other major pop culture phenomenons including Among Us and Squid Game. But one thing that's always really exciting is when a new map comes in.

Free Fire now has a shiny new map for Clash Squad. The Purgatory has entered the fray. It may sound familiar to you, and that's because it is. You've probably come through this area in a round of Classic Battle Royale. However, this is the first real-time it's been in Clash Squad mode and so with that, we're giving you a few Purgatory map tips to take note of as you battle and explore this map.

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Map tip #1 - There Are a Ton of Buildings

The new Purgatory map in Garena Free Fire's Clash Squad mode is quite dense. As soon as you hop in, you'll see a forest of abandoned buildings. In fact, it has more buildings than any other map in the mode. Take note of this as it can be good for strategy but can also lead to your demise.

Positively, this means you won't be out in the open. You'll be able to be stealthier and lurk in the shadows by taking shelter in the structures. If you aren't a head-on kind of player, this map can be a dream for conservative gamers.

The bad? It might be harder to spot enemies at first, but it shouldn't take long to get used to it. What I mean is that, due to the size of the map, the buildings, and the ability to get on the rooftops (we'll talk about this in the next tip), opponents can be scattered in different locations. But, as with any other map in Clash, you should get acclimated quickly.

Map tip #2 - Make Use of the Rooftops and High Points

We talked about how the Purgatory map has a ton of buildings in Free Fire's Clash Squad. This can be an opportunity for you to take advantage of their height. Depending on the building or point, you can get a great view of the surrounding area.

This can make it easy to spot opponents and reign bullets down from above. On other maps that allow you to ascend to the top of buildings, you'll have a chance of getting killed faster as you can be easily spotted. In Purgatory, you're a little harder to see which can be nice.

Alas, great minds think alike so you'll see other players get on the rooftops too. Just make sure to be on high alert so you don't get clapped. They can also, of course, shoot you from ground level but you just need to be smart about your approach which we know you will be.

Map tip #3 - Use Both Close and Long Ranged Weapons

The Purgatory map in Free Fire Clash Squad mode is rare in that, it's big but also has many structures like we've been talking about. This versatility makes make it good for short and long-range weapons. You can use both on any map you like, but the design of this map fits both equally well.

Using close-range weapons is good since you may have your share of close encounters, whether it's opponent players appearing in the same building as you, or they're peaking around the corner. Long-range is good thanks to heights we said you can reach.

Also, the map is long enough so where you can gain some distance and fire away if needed. So it's a good solid map for both. Not saying it's the best map in Clash Squad, but it might just be the most versatile overall because of these reasons.

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